Saturday, April 21, 2012

Late-stretch Uncertainty

I've been having some late-stretch uncertainty as we approach the end of the semester—and consequently the end of this research project—in a few weeks. So, I'm just going to write about it. This is my blog, after all.

What am I uncertain about? My research is strong. But I don't think my writing is strong enough. I want to do a really top-notch job for every phase of this research project—from the report to the prototype to my presentation. I think I'll revisit my writing for previous chapters to make sure it looks more professional. After I finish Chapter 3 though, of course.

I'm uncertain about my solution. I wish I had more time to research. I wish I could be more creative, more bold with my solution. Perhaps I still can. I'm probably aiming towards a campaign to promote the significance of professional practice education. But, the thing is...I don't want to just do a "good" job. I truly feel that this department needs to provide more professional practice education and/or resources to its students. I honest to god want my campaign to be able to make a tremendous impact. That's my top goal. If I can get an A in this class and graduate—sure, I'll be satisfied. But, especially at this point in my design education, I want a little bit more than that.

I am uncertain about my visual solution. Steve Jones is my graphics expert, and I really hope he can push my work to a whole new level. We will see.

I am uncertain about how my other experts—Josh Singer, Melanie Doherty, Peter Radsliff, my peers, everyone else who's aware of my research project—will feel about my solution.

Those are the things I'm uncertain about at the moment.

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