Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time and Resources

With Chapter 1's deadline coming up, I suddenly feel the pressure of having so little time left to complete this research study. I mean, because besides wrapping up the research project, we'll also have to work on finalizing our book designs, binding it, ideating and creating solutions, showing them to experts and peers and receiving feedback, presenting everything, etc. There is a lot of pressure to get a lot done in so little time.

I know that I can do enough to conclude with a great study and solution, but to be honest—I really have high hopes for my project. I really want to do a lot more research, to look at a lot more parellel situations, to have my solution be as creative and bold and compelling as possible. I truly feel that the lack of readiness for DAI students to transition to the professional world is a major issue, something that affects me, affected countless alumni, and will probably affect many more DAI students to come. I honestly, when deciding to pursue this issue, envisioned that my research study might have an impact great enough or contribute enough significance to spark change or at least serve as a major catalyst.

I still hope I can do that, but I also realize that this DAI 505 course is only one-semester long, as Nancy made clear to us many times throughout the course of the semester. I'll do what I can, and I'll try to approach the remainder of my time as intelligently as possible to make the most of the limited resources. If anything, this experience has given me a taste of what research can accomplish and how significant it is.

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