Tuesday, February 28, 2012

After Talking to Professor Jones and Professor Singer

Current Problem and Purpose Statements (Will explain the slight change—"experience" to "education"—later in this post):

There is insufficient professional practice education for Design & Industry students at San Francisco State University.

The purpose of this study was to promote the significance of professional practice education for Design & Industry students.

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After talking to Professor Jones and Professor Singer, I've realized a lot of things, but these are key:
  • This is not an issue the college is not aware of. Everyone knows about this, it's talked about every semester, every year. It boils down to resources, to money.
  • Is it impossible to accomplish? For now—perhaps. But if it is something I believe in, I shouldn't give up. It's the only way to make a difference.
  • I have to be extremely creative and convincing.
  • Offering a professional practice experience might not be feasible, since students can also screw up work (which falls on the supervisor and the clients) and, also, it would be difficult to find projects that fit perfectly within the semester schedule. More feasible would be to offer a professional practice education, which students here severely lack.
  • There are several options to provide this education, hypothetically. However, the biggest issues are resources. We need to convince the college that this education is valuable.
  • Additionally, we'd have to figure out a curriculum.
  • It was suggested that I talk to Bob Aufuldish (who headed the successful Sputnik program at USF) and also visit studios to find out what they want in new design graduates.
I have a lot of work to do. Time to roll up the sleeves.

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