Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Problem & Purpose Statement! (Still Needs Work)

Hello All,

Since my last post, I came up with a new research topic that I'm very interested in. It was inspired by a conversation with a fellow design peer and also by my internship experience as the designer for a Cinema professor.


At San Francisco State University, there is insufficient awareness of cross-departmental collaborative opportunities.


The purpose of this research was to promote collaborative opportunities between different departments.

Examples of collaboration (websites I created for my client, the Cinema professor):

I brought it up to our class's round table discussion today, and turns out that in order for me to take on this topic—a lot more thinking, exploration, and decisions need to be made!

For instance,
  • Should we make it a class? Collaborative classes do exist. Additionally, Segment III classes here at SF State do expose students to fields outside of their majors.
  • Should I limit it to the Design department (which would design for professors or students from other departments)? Or should it be a larger-scale program that promotes interaction and collaboration among all the departments on-campus? Or use the Design department to start off, to see if it would work?
  • A thought—how would other departments contribute to us? i.e. What would the Kinesiology department give us?
  • I need to ask Josh, the faculty supervisor of our design group on campus, how we connected with the Theater department for projects.
  • Perhaps set up a database where design students can present their work? Look at for instance.
  • Would students have the time, effort, skill, work ethic—overall ability—to even take on these projects? What if they bite off more than they can chew? What if they perform poorly and give the Design department a bad reputation?
  • Would they get paid?
  • Work with GatorJobs and their goals, perhaps? you can see. Lots and lots of stuff to think about! I'm going to have to keep on pushing and see how I can refine and focus this problem. It's something that lights me up a little bit inside though, so, yeah...I'm definitely going to try to make this work.

Check on back! Hopefully I'll have a clear, focused, awesome problem & purpose statement set for ya.


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