Friday, March 23, 2012

Reflect: Mid-term Presentation

So I just received my mid-term presentation feedback from Professor Noble.

I got overall high marks! So I'm pretty happy about that. I worked really hard for my presentation (I have to really prepare myself for big presentations, or I goof up). I had made sure to work on a some key things:

  • Getting the timing right (including adding duplicates but only when necessary)
  • Showing enthusiasm/passion
  • Using body language/movement
  • Eye contact
  • Integrating humor
  • Integrating agenda
Although my presentation grade was excellent, I still feel I can improve. I asked my peers how I could improve my presentation and also made my own analysis. For next time, I want to work on:
  • Although eye contact was strong, I want to improve it even more
  • I want to tell a story
  • I want to have a lot of strong research to present, compelling information
  • Need a much stronger conclusion to my presentation—didn't prepare enough for this
  • Perhaps add more interaction with the audience?
I feel presentations are really important to do well, especially to prepare you for the professional world, where you're constantly trying to get your ideas across, persuade others, and show that you have command of the subject matter. So, I'm going to really try to improve for my final presentation!

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